Product Designer and creator of a provisionally patented way of eternalizing my mom’s voice using bone conduction and jewellery design that took ~600 hours to build


Individual Project

My Role

Product Designer
Prototyping Engineer


A patent pending jewellery piece of sand cast bronze necklace with intricate designs less than 0.11 in thickness housing a bone conduction circuit that transmits my mother's voice through my collar bone.

Time & Skillset

Fall 2019

Pattern Making & Graphic Design

3D Design & Printing

Sand Casting


Electric Circuitry

Hand Dremel Finishing

The Challenge

For almost. all of my life, my mother has been my best friend. This necklace is a tribute to her and everyone missing their loved ones.

This necklace design is inspired by arabic calligraphy and architecture. Other than the aesthetics, the back houses a bone conduction circuit that transmits my mother's voice through my collar bone.

The Solution

Asset 12.png

Casting such an intricate pattern at wall thickness less than half of the normally approved thickness by the lab (0.11 in) required very high temperature and ramming up many times (~18 times) and having to dremel by hand for a great finish. 


Bone conduction technology is commonly used for hearing disabilities. The finishing required a lot of hand dremeling which was both innovative and exciting. 


I went into this course with zero background on 3D modeling, it took a lot of grit and hard work to finish this. I even broke my nose in the woodshop

different calligraphies.png

2D Design [Multiple Patterns]


Functional Prototype

Manufacturing Prototype

3D Design & Modeling


3D Printing & Iterating


Final Product

My Role

This was an individual project that took me 600 hours to build where we were prompted to build a product using mechanical processes to design and implement something we can use. I came up with the concept, 2D and 3D designs of this project.

I believe I have come a long way through this project on my first quarter as a graduate student not only on the engineering level but also on the level of trusting my choices, taking a second daily to renew my intentions, understanding what is important in life and taking risks.