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Pyjama Talks

Founder of a platform for a fun way to stay inspired, informed and delighted during COVID


Leah Matchet

Show Host

Networking & Outreach

Social Media Marketeer
Eli Cahan

Show Host
Tyler Chen

Show Host

My Role

Show Host

Networking & Outreach

Social Media Marketeer


A social media platform where experts from around the globe provide 8-minute nuggets of information, inspiration, and delight from the comfort of their home to yours

Time & Skillset

Spring 2020
Project Founding & Management  

Networking & Outreach Show Hosting

Team Leadership


Why did we start?

Being biased towards action, we thought we could leverage the fact that everyone is staying at home to spread knowledge and delight at such hard times.

A video series of 8 minute nuggets delivered by some of  favorite and most inspiring speakers in their pyjamas.

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Out of ~40 Speakers hosted

Here's a quick glimpse!

This was group effort of reaching out to immediate networks as well as even blind calling people to speak. To our expectations, everyone was proactive and willing to help and inspire people around the world.

We hope PJ Talks will inform, surprise, provoke, delight and inspire people for 8 minutes a day.