Instructor at Stanford’s Annual Design Thinking Bootcamp

As a collaboration between the whole cohort, we all came together to deliver a full-day design bootcamp in the with an emphasis on high impact.

A medium scale event with keynote speeches by David Kelley, Bill Burnett, Michael Barry and Michelle Jia as well facilitation with some of the cohort members.

At first I started as part of the marketing team, which required working on the visuals, the marketing and branding as well as the partnership process. I was specifically handling the reachout and marketing as well as social media presence.

I worked with the Build team on delivering a deepdive on prototyping.


This was an amazing opportunity to connect directly with the participants and teach design thinking. The team succeeded in establishing revenue and profit which surpassed all of the previous years. It also partnered with 3 different organizations.

Design Thinking for Kids, Parents and Teachers at Spring Hill Elementary

Kids learning design thinking can be an intuitive process. The biggest challenge is doing it in a co-design session with their parents and teachers.

Alongside Jesse Riley, the teacher running the makers' lab, we delivered a three hour design thinking workshop for the community.

This was one of the most generative workshops that I ran. The kids and the parents both learnt to build on each others' ideas, to drop the fear of being judged and to be as creative as possible. 

The opportunity to work with school board members, administration, parents and kids was both exciting and exhilarating. As you can see in the photos, they tried solving problems that they faced while travelling. One problem that kept coming up was the problem of car sickness. You can see kids working with other kids on developing these solutions including wearables, or even sight barriers for kids to look in a straight direction.It was inspiring to see how everyone was on-their-feet with prototyping, asking questions and getting feedback.

Teaching Design Thinking For High Impact